Random notes:

If you’re keeping track of your gas mileage with every fill up, it’ll shoot way up there if you just have your car TOWED every so often. 😉

It’s actually kinda NICE looking outside now, with all the new green everywhere, rather than the dead brown that was there for months on end. I can smile and sigh now instead of cringe inwardly. On another note, I talked to my sister yesterday and it’s 8 degrees in the Syracuse, NY area, and they’ve already had over 29 inches of snow. I miss snow. 🙂

Why did I wake up with the song from the Troy McClure musical, “Planet of the Apes” in my head today? (“Oh, my god, I was wrong. It was earth all along. You’ve finally made a monkey… (yes, we finally made a monkey…) you’ve finally made a monkey out of meeee! I love you, Dr. Zaius!”)

I’ll stop there, don’t want to HURT anyone… LOL.

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