What a fun movie Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets was – I’ll even admit to ducking and dodging a few times in my seat during the Quidditch match – LOL. When I saw the actress that played Professor Sprout I KNEW I knew her from another movie, but couldn’t put my finger on it. I had this image in my head of her sitting there looking a little drunk or out of it. It was driving me nuts, but luckily, we have the magic that is the Internet Movie DataBase… the actress’s name is Miriam Margolyes and the other role I couldn’t place her in was actually uncredited, but one we have in our library here. “Dead Again” (Kenneth Brannagh, Emma Thompson, reincarnation, music, murder, and lots of scissors – LOL) – the scene where these two characters first enter the antique shop of a man who also does hypnotism on the side – they see him hypnotising another client – that’s her! I kept seeing her ‘waking up’ from the hypnotism – that’s what was clicking with me. Of course, the funny part in the movie is that the hypnotist had taken her back to when she was a little girl and she was talking in a really high voice, and when she woke up it was a really low thick, “Well, how did I do?” Okay – I think I can go on with my life now. 😉

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