I don’t usually just cop links from metafilter and repost them here, but I’m going to do that with two such links today:

$100 million bequested to poetry magazine – I mean, how utterly COOL is that! I don’t read or write poetry a lot myself, but I’ve been known to dabble on occasion. I just think its fantastic that poetry gets this huge infusion. It’ll be interesting to see how the money gets used!

Copyright Office is Taking Comments On The DMCA – “They are requesting written comments from all interested parties, including representatives of copyright owners, educational institutions, libraries and archives, scholars, researchers and members of the public, in order to elicit evidence on whether noninfringing uses of certain classes of works are, or are likely to be, adversely affected by this prohibition on the circumvention of measures that control access to copyrighted works.” Seems like an excellent opportunity to get all sides of the issue on the table – maybe even make some constructive improvements!

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