Ohhhkay. 🙂 Now, all SIX of my celtic mandala designs (15″x15″) are available in poster form, along with my OTHER posters, in my gallery at zazzle.

I decided to go with zazzle because, although I can’t set my own price and instead get a small percentage of the sale, the price zazzle asks for the small posters is the same as the BASE price at cafepress (that you’d then have to mark up in order to make anything on a sale) and zazzle shipping is about half what cafepress charges for posters.

I also set up a cafepress premium store for my designs on shirts, sweatshirts, and now tote bags and mugs as well. I’ve decided against going with the darker shirts for now until I’m entirely satisfied with the dye sublimation process for dark shirts, or until I can get them officially screen printed, which will look SO cool (this is probably not going to happen soon – LOL – but it’s a goal).

The rather cool thing about using zazzle and cafepress is that they pretty much run themselves – dealing with taxes and returns and shipping without needing to contact me in any way. So I can focus on the art part. 🙂 Whew.

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