I ate my way through town today, for free. *grin* First, I went to Fortino’s Furniture Store with a few ‘tickets’ – if any of the tickets matched tickets on select items, you get that item free. Of course, it was mostly a gimmick to get people in the store, but since they have nice furniture, I enjoyed the visit. Had an interesting conversation with a sales rep about induction cook tops. Oh, the eating part, right. After I wandered through the store, I went out on the balcony and had some polish sausage appetizers, a humungous muffin, and orange/mango juice.

Then, I stopped at Dorothy McNett’s Place – the amazing local gourmet cookery shop, and sampled my way through the Beef Week recipe contest entries. *grin* Also had an excellent conversation with the wine guy there.

A lovely day spent as a mooching, social butterfly. 😀

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