Some fun with a google search on “kristen is” (a meme going around – substitute your own name and see what comes up) – results are:

* Kristen is owner and operator of Gorham Whole Health in Gorham, Maine.
* Kristen is a member of the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy.
* Ok there are so many ways to desribe Kristen. I here have listed some: 1) Amazing 2) Astounding 3) Wonderful 4) Fantastic 5) Unbelievable …
* Kristen is a South Beach artist who paints cartoon characters for a living.
* Kristen is back again with more never before released recordings.
* Kristen is a freelance writer and editor. She is also a published theatre critic and poet.
* Kristen is one of the few females serving as a fire fighter in Connecticut, and she’s one of the youngest.
* Kristen is clearly still in the early days of her career, and therefore only science fiction and military show fans will know her for sure.
* Kristen is an undergraduate co-op student in the Integrated Reasoning Group of the National Research Council.
* Kristen is a phenomenal speaker.
* Kristen is now alone in prison, on day six there.
* Now that Kristen is dead is Phillip coming back?
* Kristen is AFAA certified in both personal training and weight room instruction.
* Kristen is not the kind and loving woman everyone thinks she is.
* Kristen is a talented violinist and all around sweet, terrific, wonderful kid.
* Kristen is a full-time professional artist in pastel, oil, acrylic and mixed-media techniques.
* Even dead Kristen is capable of getting us into all kinds of trouble.
* Kristen is a songwriter in the most classic sense of the word.
* Kristen is always undressing by the end of her poems… you know… getting naked! 😉

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