When water dries up around here in the summer, we’ve put out a few bowls of water for the birds and critters. It has attracted lots of little birds, squirrels, and rabbits (and bees, but those aren’t as interesting to watch – LOL). I’m not sure if it’s the water, but maybe the critters themselves that have drawn a hawk (northern goshawk) to our place every morning as well.

This morning we woke up suddenly when a something wanged into the screen on our bedroom window. Then it happened again. The third time, I was watching – saw the shape of a very large bird. The fourth time (spaced out by 20-30 seconds each time) I realized it was the hawk. John got up to look out the window and then called me over. Apparently, the hawk was a little confused, either by the vibrations of our fan, or by the reflection in the glass – after four attempts at SOMETHING, he was just hanging out on the ground below the window. We looked at him, he looked at us. He hopped away a few feet, looked at us again – didn’t seem too concerned. We were so close to him – could see all his markings. Then he hopped over to the fence, and finally flew away again.

Almost made me forget that I hate waking up too suddenly – ROFL.

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