LOL! Around the same time that tom was taking/posting this shot (I’m assuming, I know), I was taking (and later – er, now) posting this one to the left. What a weird kind of synch – heh!

I had pulled up into a parking space at the local general store way out here in the boonies, right next to this huge, electric red suburban – looked like the paint hadn’t even finished drying yet. I don’t think even Porsche has a red paint that looks quite so…. [insert another description for electric red]… as this one does. I bet if I tried to touch it my hand would have just slid off the surface without actually coming into contact with it. Reminded me of when Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio’s character in ‘The Abyss’ slid her hand along the side of that alien craft underwater… “It wasn’t like some clunky steel can that we would build…. It… glided.” And then, of course, yes I know, there’s the irony that the suburban is a clunky steel can that we built. *grin* (Any more deep thoughts like this and I’ll be rivalling Jack Handy soon – D’OH!)

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