It was the loudest noise I’d ever heard out here in the country. I’m used to the sounds of planes flying overhead and of trucks rumbling by our house, but not this – this sounded like a commercial jet was landing in our driveway – FAST. I ran outside, but it was way too late to see anything. Luckily, tom had been outside and looking up to see the ‘fighter jet’ pass right over his head about 100 feet up. John had been bending over in the garden and had missed the visual, but felt the rumble in his chest, along with the noise. By our best estimation (tom’s description and my web research – LOL), we think it was this plane: an F-111 AFTI. We still don’t know what it was doing – maybe just hotdogging it – but about 15 minutes later two police helicopters flew over as well. (Keep in mind we live WAY out in the boonies and we only see small prop planes flying close to us, and some commercial jets WAY up in the sky – not counting the red cross helicopter that air-lifted us out during the flood years ago – LOL.)

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