Imagine that you live on a narrow street in the suburbs. The woman across the street comes out and yells for her kid FOR AN HOUR just before it gets dark. Since she’s across the street and aiming outward, the hour of yelling is LOUDEST right in your own house, and is not to be outdone by tv or white noise from a fan. Now imagine that it’s barely dawn and the woman comes out again, yelling for her kid, for about an HOUR.

Now, imagine that the kid’s name is “MOOOOOOOO” and this would be what happened to US. Last night a rusty colored mother cow was screeching for her wayward baby, AT our house, just about 50 feet away – like a foghorn going off at regular intervals. Really starts to grate on your nerves after a while! So I went out and shooed her away, hoping she’d find a way to get to her calf from the other side of the low hill. In any case, she went away.

Until the crack of dawn. And mama had enlisted the help of OTHER neighborhood residents to help with the mooing. I obviously wasn’t going to go back to SLEEP anytime soon, so I went outside and finally spotted the baby cow, trying to come down through our road area (where the gates are closed and cows can’t get through) so I shooed the baby cow up and away, hoping that it would find a new way to go. Went back inside. Mooing continued although shifted around to the back of the house. So then JOHN got up and shooed the mother cow down past our yard where the calf was also paralleling the mother’s course, just on the other side of the side road. Once they finally saw each other, they jogged off towards the barn where we assume they met up because of the blessed LACK of mooing. Not that either of us went back to sleep after that. [rolling eyes sarcastically] *grin* All in all, it just confirmed that I want a place with a HUGE plot of land, with neighbors you can’t see directly, and neighbors that aren’t as noisy. Or as confused about fencing structures. Oh yeah, and neighbors WITHOUT hooves would be nice, too – LOL.

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