How to describe this – it’s like… when you’re used to receiving water a cup at a time, you have time to examine it, get to know it, and ‘define’ it before you drink it. When you’re connected up directly to the hose, you have to be standing in a sense of trust of that flow, because it’s just COMING. Sure, you can slow it down to a slow drip again, but that’s not REALLY the point, the point is expansion. The point is that you really CAN handle the flow of the hose. You don’t have time to examine and DEFINE it in each moment like you used to, but you also don’t feel the NEED to either. Yeah – that’s what’s happening with me right now. 🙂

Oh, and naturally I put JUST ONE MORE poster up in the gallery – it’s a macro shot of a bolt with worn paint and rust marks on it – very… photographical. *grin*

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