Azaleas always remind me of North Carolina, where they had an Azalea Festival every spring – flowers bursting out all everywhere, mostly pink and white. Deer loves azaleas too, but for the taste – LOL. Unfortunately, with us having to pump our own water (esp. in the dry months!), we don’t keep an outside flower garden and so I must get my azalea fix in other ways, from other yards and spring garden sales at local stores – heh heh. I AM trying to grow a bit of a flower garden in a shallow pan in the kitchen. I’m hoping the shallowness will prevent deep roots from forming and thus prevent the plants from getting too stalky, but since I’m new to this, we’ll see. I keep turning the pan 90 degrees each day so that the sprouts aren’t bent over towards the window too noticably – would be a little bizarre like that.

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