John and I were discussing hamburger shapes today. He said that round is okay, and square is okay, but rectangular, or even oblong, is just wrong. *grin* I asked him for the equations that would prove that having the X axis unequal to the Y axis would cause the resultant numerically symbolic ‘product’ to taste funny. He said he’d write them down for me, except that I’d never be able to figure out the pickle matrix.

So then I offered an obviously exaggerated idea for contrast – that X and Y axis were keys to the taste product of the equation coming out correctly, but that the Z axis was not a relevant variable? He countered by saying that the Z axis was INDEED relevant, as the ratio of X and Y to the Z measurement must be within a specific range, or else you’d have a meatball, or a round meatloaf, instead of a hamburger. Of course, that’s not really an argument AGAINST a strained X-Y to Z ratio in terms of FLAVOR, just in terms of classic definitions. *grin*

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