Yesterday we got together with our friends Jill and Tom and, on Jill’s suggestion, we drove out to visit the Monterey Tide Pools! The weather was perfect – overcast and cool but not raining (rain is good except when I want to take photos outside – LOL). Jill showed us how to turn over the rocks and find the little crabs lurking down there. I have more photos to post, but I’ll start with three – I’ve never seen such bright aqua coloring in the wave swells before – it was breathtaking!

I’ve been to the Pacific Coast before, in all three western states, but I’ve never seen that aqua color in anything but PAINTINGS until yesterday. I should have known better than to think it was just the artists being fanciful – nature is so much bigger than my assumptions. Oh, and while we’re talking about photos, make sure you stop by Tom’s site – his five latest photos are from the same trip as well – excellently detailed shots! (Even though I know my camera isn’t best at taking big, outdoor, landscape shots, I just can’t stop myself.)

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