This morning, while I was making French Toast, I happened to look out the window. “John, there are cows in the yard!” Truly, this is not NEW (those who have been following this blog for a while know we live in ranch country), but it hasn’t happened in a long while. Looked like a hungry, recently-mother cow got overzealous while grazing at the base of the fence and pushed through some of the boards – our side pasture has some nice untouched grass in it that can be very tempting. So John and I dashed outside with broom, hammer and nails, chased the two cows out (the rest of the herd seemed to be waiting outside the fence to see if the first two were really going to get away with it), and renailed the fence boards back in place.

The side pasture was meant to keep horses IN, not cows OUT as much, so the boards are on the INSIDE of the fence, which makes it rather easy for a cow to just pop the boards off in weakened areas. John’s out there now, nailing some other boards to the OUTSIDE of the fence, to reinforce it.

Just another typical day out here in cow land. On a positive note (“… we knocked over the SunSphere!” – Simpsons reference), there are two brand new white calves in the herd which are very cute. And which we pretend are some kind of personally relevant prophecy similar to the white buffalo calf – LOL. (And on another positive note, it wasn’t Barney the Angus bull, who’s a lot bigger and doesn’t like being told he has to leave an abundant buffet when he’s hungry.) Oh, and the French Toast was delicious. *grin*

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