This shot is a close-up on a bolt on our wooden gate, which at one time was painted white, but is starting to look a little ‘ghostly’. Also, a few years back a cow was laying next to it and leaned on it and CRRAACK, one of the top supporting beams broke, so it doesn’t swing as effortlessly as it used to.

In other news, John got his car all smog approved and registered so we’re officially a two car family again! Although we’ve had both cars for a while now, we’ve never really had them both ‘street able’ at the same time. Now we have new options, like each of us can go wherever they want, whenever – it’s no more a choice of just going with the other person or staying home. A freedom strange mostly for its uncommon novelty. The funny thing is, there’s really only one direction to go, and that’s a 30 minute drive into town. The other direction just takes you miles and miles and miles out into more ranch land, and the only public building is a Bar/Grill at which Bikers congregate. But anyway, now we can BOTH go into town and then still do different things – oh, I’m giddy with possibility! *grin*

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