The oven mitt we’d been using to open the door on our wood burning stove has had a… mishap. John smelled something burning and looked over to see it smoldering while sitting on a plastic box. No fire or flames, just smoldering. Oh, and about an INCH of the end of the mitt was just GONE. So he took it outside and set it on a concrete landing outside and stomped on it a few times. Then *I* went outside and stomped on it too. The smoke faltered and faded. About an hour later, we go out and see that the mitt is almost entirely GONE – only a shell of the part that went around the wrist and arm is left and most of that black, oh, and soot. My question is – Is that what ‘flame RETARDANT’ is supposed to mean? Is ‘BURN retardant’ something entirely different? Apparently!

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