Like tom mentioned, it SNOWED here last night. John got up at 5:30 to take the dog out, and yelled back in, “Hey, Kristen! It’s SNOWING!”, and you just can’t stay in bed when THAT happens – LOL. Wow – at least a half inch, and this morning it’s still there! Makes the cold weather finally worth while!

I took a batch of photos this morning and now John’s out taking another batch – wanted to get some before the sun came out and melted everything. We also have a crack of time just after the sun comes out and before everything melts where we might be able to take bright white sparkly shots. heh heh.

Yes, I know, I’m from Upstate New York and am used to having solid snow for months each year, but I’ve been in CA too long and have really missed it! It’s funny how quickly you can forget the cold when there’s snow – otherwise, it’s just cold with hard ground – *yawn*.

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