Last night I created what I’m called a “rainy season” cloak, or rain cloak, for short. *grin* I used dark blue polyster so it would be really lightweight and not wrinkle easily (and still looks nice – not like a leisure suit – although I’m sure most SCAers and historical recreationists would laugh derisively at it and rightly so), and also so it would not be too warm (particularly in CA) – just something to wear to keep the rain off. This morning, I took what was left of a can of spray silicone (just something I had in storage from sealing suede boots in the past) and sealed the cloak with it. Mostly the hood and shoulder parts. In a bit I might spray it with some water and see how it does and if I need to buy any more sealer. It’s got a nicely generous hood and looks good on both John and me.

I’ll certainly wear it outside around here, as I don’t have a jacket with a hood at the moment and carrying umbrellas is cumbersome, but I’m not sure about wearing it ‘to town’ yet. I wish we lived in an area where people wore something besides what you can get at KMart or Target, or the standard jeans and baseball cap kind of approach. I miss seeing DIFFERENT. Anyway – it was a fun project and it came out really well, so I’m happy. 🙂

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