Associative Ramble. I’ve mentioned Lindows here before – a Linux based OS that will run Windows programs. Well, after having signed up at an unrelated site today, I got a survey URL in my inbox, which was all about Lindows – basically, they seemed to be asking if people would be getting confused between Windows and Lindows (because for SOME reason Microsoft doesn’t like the name they chose – LOL – they didn’t say this on the survey – I knew it from the site before). I was glad to be able to give them answers that I think supported the name of ‘Lindows’ NOT being confused with ‘Windows’. Besides the fact that ‘windows’ is a regular ol’ noun and Lindows is NOT, wouldn’t you think people would step back and say ‘what?’. But then, there were about 75 people who paid $300 on EBay for PHOTOS of a Sony Playstation – granted, the crook selling the ‘photos’ instead of the actual unit was deliberately misleading in his wording, but you can’t spend all your time trying to make life idiot-proof. Was it Mark Twain who said that life just keeps making better idiots? LOL. And yes, I’ve been an idiot before too – heh heh – and will probably be one again. I like the Live and Learn thing – which is why I’m glad I grew up NOT having to wear helmets and padding all over when I rode a bike – never killed myself either – not even once. *grin*

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