Executive Summary of last night’s cool dream. Was with people in a dorm atmosphere – everything was icky and seemed to be falling apart, people didn’t respect each other and acted out, melodramas everywhere, etc. In a moment of remembered lucidity I stopped and sighed and realized that I really missed HOGWARTS – the cool castle and all the people there who were like me, etc. Jump ahead to where I’m on a bus with people who ARE like me, we stop and rest for a bit, then reload the bus, and then some of us decide to FLY ahead (might have been using broomsticks, might not – LOL). We meet up with jetliners and STARSHIPS (like the Enterprise) all going in the same direction too, all going really fast (including us just flying on our own) to some specific meeting place. I still remember the feeling of flying ahead so fast – exhilerating! Hope that’s a symbolic premonition dream – LOL!

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