You know what’s cool? LED Christmas Lights. Less power, don’t get hot, etc. I bought a string with star shaped ends the other day just to see how they work. They were red, orange, yellow, and green, but no blue – I don’t think the LEDs were ‘strong’ enough to make the blue light up enough. (Which explains why LEDs DO make good traffic lights – LOL.) What’s strange is that when you jiggle the string of lights, they give the appearance of flickering…. well, more like seeing the spaces between each shot in a strip of film – like if the film was suddenly rolling just a bit too slow – it’s weird. And they aren’t quite as BRIGHT as the regular ones, but I’m sure they’ll get better over a few years. I was surprised that only KMart seemed to carry the LEDs and not many – I venture to guess that most places still have strings and strings of the old lights to repackage and sell yet.

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