Updates have been a little intermittant lately, but that happens every so often. And tomorrow being Thanksgiving, we’re doing a bit-o-cleaning around the house – having a ‘nonlocal’ over for dinner too – LOL. The first Thanksgiving we had Merlin, he was a puppy. After dinner, we left the leftovers on the table and went into the other room to relax. However, the temptation of a turkey carcass just sitting there was apparently too much for Merlin, and we were watching a movie when we heard this ‘thud’ sound out. We ran into the kitchen – Merlin looked as surprised as we did at having succeeded in his mission – *grin* – too surprised not to just wag his tail and let us pick it up off the floor – too funny. He’s learned to wait his turn now, but we still keep an eye on his when there’s a turkey carcass around – just in case. 😉

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