So I’ve actually started packing some boxes. John had them save a bunch from ‘inventory day’ at work. It’s rather funny putting paperbacks into boxes that say “Stove Top Stuffing” and “Coffee Service”. *grin* Some of the books have so much dust on the top of them that it was starting to clump and cross over into “dirt” territory instead. I think our ‘mistake’ at first was that we tried to make this place into a regular ‘ol house instead of a more… ‘camp’ or ‘mostly functional’ atmosphere. Knick-knacks soon got dusty and forgotten. Books that would look terrific on a library shelf got lost behind irregular furniture configurations and ad-hoc storage. The wider variety of clothes one would wear got piled or closeted in favor of a more durable uniform of old and ‘previously broken in’ clothing that works better out in the boonies.

But our focus is shifting. I’m making clothes out of velour and velvet and while they’re just sitting in the closet right now, I know that they will be worn sometime soon. Sometimes I just open the closet door and look at all the shimmery and smooth fabrics I’ve created with… and today I have an impulse to clean off a few places with OLD clothes. Maybe pack them away – maybe give them to GoodWill if they are still usable. Stuff that a few months ago I might have considered keeping because they could ‘come in useful’ out here are now on their way out. I am really liking that.

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