Happy Halloween everyone! 🙂 To read up on the origins of Samhain, here’s a reasonably good article with lots of good tidbits of info I didn’t even know! (link via Wren’s Nest) And while tom oranged up his web site (cool jack-o-lantern photo!), my site was already orange-ish – LOL. I have a large orange glass pumpkin votive candle holder that I’ll light later on, and I’ll snack on some Milky Way MIDNIGHTS – Mmmmmm. (We don’t have trick-or-treaters way out here – but we DO have a dead boar skull on a post as decoration *grin*) And lastly, if you’re looking for a bunch of really cool witchy or magickal or faery greeting e-cards to send to people today, click here!

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