I did some arithmetic last night and figured out that I’ve made eleven shirts, one vest, and one pair of pants since I’ve started sewing, some for John, some for me. Neither of us have had that many new clothes in a LONG time, and it feels really good to see them all on hangers, in a row. Almost all of them were made with $2/yard fabric too (but still nice – LOL), so the total spent is probably about $50-$55 dollars overall. Considering that the shirts would go anywhere from $15-30 in stores, well, that’s pretty damn cool too! But enough about that – I have another shirt to make! This one is a medium blue panne stretch velvet and I found this remnant cloth that would make a really cool vest or something over that shirt, so I have to go sit for a while and let the fabric tell me what it wants me to do. “I hear and will obey.” 😉

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