To continue yesterday’s birthday story…. for a mid afternoon lunch we went to DeMaggio’s Cafe in Hollister (sorry – couldn’t find any link for it). John and I both had their Fire Roasted NY Steak, which was the most buttery steak I’d ever had, grilled to perfect medium rareness with a dusting of pepper, served on thick slices of garlic french bread and with a side of garlic mayonaisse. Plus then for dessert, I had the creme brulee’ and John had REAL NY Cheesecake with raspberry sauce on it, both made right there, no refrosted overwhipped desserts for us! After the meal, we wandered around the plaza a little because walking is a GOOD thing after eating so much excellent food – LOL – and we ended up at Staples. As many of you know, we have a somewhat… cough… OLD computer. And recently the printer just gave up the ghost after a valient effort with clicking and grinding each time we tried to print. Well, a lot of the newer printers, even the cheaper ones, aren’t compatible, but we found one for $49 that perfectly replaces the old one! We were thinking that we should just stock up on printers instead of buying replacement ink cartridges because it’s CHEAPER that way. *grin* We also came home with a version of SimFarm and I think John finally figured out how to stop his sheep from escaping. LOL. No, that is NOT a metaphor. 😉 And it looks like there’s more fudge-birthday cake for breakfast today – life is good!

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