Because of the storm in the Gulf of Mexico area, we are getting what’s called an ‘offshore flow’ – that means that the air is coming from the desert, passing through us and heading to the coast instead of the other way around. And THAT means that we’ve had unusually hot temperatures here, particularly for the middle of October – we’re talking 90-100 degrees here – it’s SO wrong. *grin*

Speaking of the middle of October, my birthday is on the 16th! And so is my college roommate Tori‘s (one cake and one party each year – LOL). And so is my friend Sharon‘s. All on the 16th. I always seem to get along really well with other Libras (although I can think of a FEW exceptions) and I can often TELL if a person is a Libra in just a little while. Kooky, eh? “Fun at parties” – LOL.

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