tarantula Our black lab found this tarantula in the yard the other day and got all excited. *grin* The photo is actually about a third SMALLER than the actual spider was – it was large even for a tarantula! It felt strange holding a camera only about 8 inches above such a hairy beast. (Please don’t take that out of context – heh heh.) Every so often I have to swerve around one in the road too – they roam a lot during mating season but other than that you never see them.

In other news, Barney was actually pretty quiet last night, hanging out in our yard. Unfortunately, we had a bunch of wild boar digging up our yard (dirt farm) last night – only about 10-15 feet from our bedroom window – and so our herding dog barked and ran around the house every 15 minutes and we didn’t get ANY sleep. This morning there was a herd of deer in the back pasture area. And then Barney ambled by (not in – small favors) the yard moaning that deep bull moan. Egad. I know people say it’s great to get back to nature, but enough already!

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