Yesterday afternoon when we got home I had this urge to whip up a shirt out of this purple fabric I had… and I did. Only took me about an hour and a half. Sure, it’s a simple, straightforward SHIRT shirt, nothing fancy, but I was tickled. There’s something very satisfying about creating your own clothes. It’s like being able to further define yourself as being uniquely YOU. Although the shirt is rather basic, it’s not something I’ve found in stores AND the fabric was very inexpensive – cost about $4 in materials to make. I also realized the other day that the t-shirt and general kinds of Target/WalMart/KMart clothing sell the modern day qualititative equivalent of ‘peasant garb’. I mean, some things haven’t changed – the more decoration or higher quality fabrics and skills required, the more money required. Isn’t that deep? 😉

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