I finished sewing up another ‘tunic’ type shirt for John. It’s blue with raglan sleeves and has a decorative trim around the sleeves and in a line from the front of the neck halfway down the front. That last part was John’s idea – I kept trying to do this or that with the trim on the neckline but it just never felt ‘right’ – then John offered that idea. His rationale for HAVING an idea about clothing design was that he read a lot of superhero comics when he was younger and if there’s one thing he knows SOMETHING about with clothing/sewing it’s costume design – LOL. Tres macho! *grin* Still, we haven’t decided if the shirt looks like something from the 70’s, something ecclesiastical, or something peasant-ish – maybe it’s a combination of all three. The funny part is that the fabric for the shirt was on sale and cost about three bucks but the trim was twice as much! 😉

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