We watched a tape of the Dungeons & Dragons movie the other day. First off, I can see why the critics panned it when assessing it like you would a ‘normal’ movie. *grin* IF, however, you approach it like you would either a regular ol’ D&D game or a cheesy, very D&Dish fantasy novel, it can be a lot of fun. Yes, most of the actors seemed to be ACTING and weren’t necessarily convincing, but a lot of that actually smoothed out halfway through – not all, but a lot. There were mazes and dragons and traveling, a young, indignant aristocratic mage, a couple of buddy thiefs, a gruff dwarf (“Elves got no meat on ’em – you gotta find yourself a good 250 pound dwarf woman with facial hair you can hold onto!”), a 230+ year old elf tracker, a healer/cleric, evil wizards, young rulers… and most of them seemed like they were humans playing these roles as if in a game – LOL – or trying just a bit too hard. (Except for the Thief Guild leader – one of the more convincing performances in the entire movie.) As John said though – you couldn’t really make a movie called DUNGEONS & DRAGONS any other way – heh heh. Having said that it really IS a lovely piece of eye candy though. *grin* I have much higher (and more serious) expectations for the Lord of the Rings though, and I’m feeling certain they are treating Harry Potter well too. Can’t wait for November!

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