Perspective really is everything. For instance, since we cannot burn our trash during the dry season, it kinda accumulates until we can take it to the local dump. And it looks like SO much, particularly in our smallish living area. And then we pack it in the Honda Civic and it STILL looks like so much. And then we get to the dump and unload it all and it looks like so very, very little, next to the quite larger pile we are tossing it into, and looks totally inconsequential next to the full extend of the land fill itself (which is kept EXTREMELY neat and kept up, particularly for a DUMP!). And during the rainy season when we CAN burn it, a whole lot of trash burns down rather quickly into a very little amount of ash. I don’t know what it all means on a metaphysical or ecological level, but there you go. (Side note: whenever we go to the dump I keep my eyes out for old boxes of “Mr. Sparkle” – *grin*)

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