Personal power, by its very nature, isn’t something that can be given to you. If someone ‘gives’ you power they can take it away just as well. Power is something that you must TAKE. (Note: not FROM others, just take, assume, include, etc.) A friend of mine told me that when she was raising her small daughter, she used to give her daughter similar commands that she gave to her dogs. And when her daughter was old/aware enough to say, “Why are you treating me like the dogs?” then she stopped doing it.

It’s also easy to get caught up either in the questioning of power ‘out there’ or in the struggle to attain it – if you rely on getting outside confirmation or acceptance of this change. The questioning or struggle CAN helpful in that you become really aware of the situation and perhaps build a lot of strength in the process. But the struggle is not the solution, it’s not what will create you as powerful.

Power is a mindset. Power is the ability to set out intention and make decisions and know they will come about. Power is getting all of your own energy aligned so that you’re not fighting against or doubting yourself (or struggling with yourself ‘out there’ in the world at all either.) And when you step into ‘power’ (or being able to do what you couldn’t before, for instance) you are deciding to become this new person who holds these new attitudes and energy.

No one will tell you that its okay to step out of your old self and into the new one – well, no one with any REAL authority since you’re the only REAL authority. And you can spend as much time gathering your energy as you like, but eventually it WILL become obvious to you that the time has come to choose – and that you’re ready to NOT get sidetracked by old thoughts or distracted by dramas or take another spin around the endless circular platform you’ve been playing on for a while now.

The paradox here is interesting. If you’ve been assuming this outward or other authority OUT THERE, THAT is the challenge to be overcome, the assuming of your OWN authority in your life. It’s not about getting permission to change – that wouldn’t actually change the framework at all, would it! *evil grin*

So, are you ready? And, if you said yes, did you feel like you MEANT it? And if you did, then let’s go – there’s a lot more to do. 😉

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