I’ve discovered something. I’ve had this life-long belief/tendency that I have to slow myself down in order to keep pace with the ‘pack’. (I really don’t mean that as superior as it sounds – it’s not like that really – LOL) This is aptly mirrored in my tendency to get distracted and feel frustrated instead of focusing on what I want, which in turn refuels the belief. It comes out in small things like walking into the kitchen and having one of the dogs walk in front of my feet – so I have to slow myself down instead of tripping or kicking them. It happened a LOT yesterday and really brought this attitude to light.

When I worked as a technical writer, I practically FORCED myself to feel patience when someone would come to me with a WordPerfect problem that was REALLY easy, but that they didn’t want to work out or learn, they just wanted to be told. And because I got a lot of kudos about it, I convinced myself that it was the right thing to do/feel and everyone told me how patient I was. But deep down, I was still feeling the frustration.

Now, I’m determined to retrain myself. There will always be people to ‘help’ and interact with along the way, but I won’t be LOOKING for instances to pull off the road every 10 feet anymore, so to speak. In a small sense, I won’t LOOK for those things that might interrupt, like a dog in my path. A lot of people say that we avoid ‘problems’ by being ready for them or aware of them, but that hasn’t been my experience. I avoid problems by focusing on what I INTEND to experience, and then if glitches DO occur, I don’t get dragged down or held back or frustrated by them because my energy is STILL going towards the goal even as I work something out, instead of focusing so exclusively on the problem itself. If you see a problem, you’re part of the problem? And don’t worry, when I’m in the flow, the dogs just don’t get in the way at all – interesting, eh? LOL.

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