Radio or television stations etc. that base their programming decisions on what they think the public wants (or are told by ‘poll takers’ what the public wants) are taking their first step into homogeneous programming. Think for yourselves! Have some ideas about shows that aren’t being done already!

There’s a local, AM, independent radio station here that had Rush and Dr. Laura’s programming denied them because one of the big broadcasters is trying to run them out of business so they can buy them up. As a result of the new space in their schedule they are trying a lot of different, off the wall programming – it’s not “LOUD & AMAZING”, just different, and my god it’s FUN to listen to them! It’s refreshing as hell! They were being told that they wouldn’t survive without the ‘big shows’, but I think they’re finding out otherwise. Sure, there will always be people who want the nationally syndicated shows, and there will always be radio stations to play them. But I’m just loving that this radio station is stepping out of the box (even if they were initially forced) – that ugly, off-white, generic, force-fed programming box. Not that I feel strongly, but no, contrary to marketing surveys, many of us DON’T CARE what Rush or Dr. Laura or Michael Savage have to say. And many of us WANT new and different programming, and that includes GOOD MUSIC too – not just what agents pay the radio stations to promote. There IS a niche for uniqueness (I realize that’s probably an oxymoron), and it’s getting bigger. It’s metaphorically equivalent to the growing interest in Unix/Linux in the computer world. Hey, I’m getting good at this ranting thang!

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