A few tidbits for the moment. First, thanks tom for giving me a clue about that error message I was seeing here – am working on fixing that and got rid of the msg for the moment. Second, yesterday that Code Red Virus made its way around the internet – I checked my logs today and there were *24* attempts at the TCP:80 (port?) on our computer – thank god for firewalls! *grin* Thirdly, yesterday I spotted two full grown (about 10-11 inches tall) hawks hanging around our trees here and was able to get really close to them. They’re still hanging around and John got some shots (not too close) of one sitting on top of the old shed we have in the yard – will post one later. (One book interpretation says that hawks mean you will be receiving a messge – oooooh!) (tom’s got an eagle, we have hawks – neat!)

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