Hey – look around! 🙂 Firstly, notice the NEW URL: www.foxvox.org – yay! (I’ve set up forwarding, but it would be best to change your links – you can take your time though – LOL) Secondly, you’ll notice the NEW DESIGN – a little simpler – we’ll see how that goes. Since this is officially my personal site, I’m going to add photo sections, food sections, and other things as they come to me. (see the words above that will eventually be linked.)

In other total weirdness today: I’ve been working on our new sites and although the scripts are WORKING, none are really working the way I expected them too, including the referrer log files that we’ve set up before on our OTHER sites. Lines of code disappeared and reappeared and then disappeared again from source code. A few of our desktop applications unexpectedly terminated (including our firewall, which never does ANYTHING weird) and I have to reboot and they can barely be coaxed to run. Then I find out that the phone company cut some lines from our ISP to the Internet around noonish. And now blogger’s down for some emergency repairs! (writing this offline) I detected some weird unsettled energy this around morning and this is definitely a manifestation of it. Apparently the whole internet was taking a sick day today! *grin*

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