Yesterday at the Hollister Independence Rally: Leather jackets, leather vests, leather chaps, leather boots, black t-shirts, black tank tops, tanned skin, beards, sunglasses, tattoos, and motorcycles! Lots and lots of motorcycles. Of course, not EVERYONE has the usual “biker” look, but most of them did. You just couldn’t NOT smile, looking around at all the amazing paint jobs (both on the bikes and the people) and all the shiny chrome! There were motorcycle clubs of all kinds – the “Top Hatters” (wearing black leather top hats, of course) were a long-lived, well known local club. And there were Christian motorcycle clubs (you could tell them apart from the others because they had on “Jesus loves bikers too” black t-shirts – LOL.) Most of the riders seemed to prefer those black half-shell helmets, which always remind me of D-Day in the original Animal House movie. Lots of old friends were meeting and clasping hands and jokingly insulting each other. I didn’t stay for the official festivities, just wanted to take in the sites, but they also have a Ms. Independence Rally contest, a tatoo contest, racing, and stunt bikes, along with a live performance by the Fabulous Thunderbirds.

At one point when I was driving into town, my little Honda Civic was surrounded on all sides by at least 40 motorcycles, darting here and there – I just drove straight ahead and made no sudden movements – LOL. And on the 14 mile stretch of Hwy 25 to Hollister, I counted 287 motorcycles cruising by me. I’m really glad I went to this rally at least once and was able to take some photos (some from my car – I like to push the envelope by driving a stick shift in packed detoured traffic with motorcycles turning everywhere AND aim and take photos at the same time. *grin*) I didn’t take too many pictures of the interesting people (although I’m sure had I asked if I could photograph people’s tatoos they probably would have said SURE!, but, well, I didn’t – heh heh.) So, click here to see the photos! (Note: The photos are mostly motorcycles, but amazing to see even if you don’t know a Harley from an Indian. Oh, and BTW, the Hollister motorcycle cops are now riding Harleys too.)

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