I want to wax philosophic/sentimental for a bit. I really appreciate people I can hang out with who just show up to BE THERE and see what happens. Most of the time we end up laughing, usually at the stupidest things – meaning to say one thing and screwing up a word or two, that kind of thing. When John, tom, and I get together, there’s a lot of that. And I talked to my long time friend Mitch on the phone last night there was more laughing. Usually my cheeks get that achy feeling at the jaw hinge because I’ve been grinning too much.

Not that you can’t get together to DO stuff, because just ‘showing up’ doesn’t exclude having a plan or whatnot, but it’s like the difference between when a person’s energy is really ALL THERE and when you can tell they are distracted by other things in their life that AREN’T in front of them at the moment.

A boss I had for a little while had a wandering eye. When she was really listening to you her eye was trained on you, but when she was off in her head, even while you were still talking, her eye was going off on its own and you might as well have just walked away. Of course, there’s not always an obvious physical cue from people, but you can still tell. And I have less and less interest in trying to engage people who aren’t showing up mentally/energetically to listen or really interact – why should I waste either my time or theirs? LOL.

So here’s to the people who show up and appreciate the moments they are living, as they live them! *grin*

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