What a team! John and I used the springy auger thingy on the toilet this morning. (Sorry, no “auger cam” – wait, no, I’m not sorry – LOL) And THEN I used a small makeshift coathanger ‘auger’ on the bathroom sink, which has been draining slowly for months and only slightly helped by Draino. And now, both are plumbing peacefully again. Actually, if you can stand a little desription…. (stop reading now if you can’t)… I pulled out a huge hardened blog from the bathroom sink, attached to the coat hanger end – years of mineral rich sediment there. It was oddly satisfying in a way – kinda like uncorking a champagne bottle. (LOL – I’m just cracking myself up over here. And to think, some people use their weblogs to discuss REAL issues – *grin*) In any case, hopefully this will be the end of the ‘clog’ saga. (Didn’t they say that in the late 70’s? But you can get clogs at every shoe store again today.) *groan* OKAY OKAY – I’ll stop writing now.

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