The weirdest thing happened when we were driving home last night. Halfway down our long country road, we heard this loud plasticy “wheeeeeeeeeee” sound, and a whitish line went flipping around crazily on the windshield. Made both John and I jump, to say the least – it was really freaky! At first, we both thought it was the windshield washer squirters going nuts, but there was no liquid spraying. We pulled over to the side of the road quickly and got out to see what was up. The only things we could see were a vertical line-smudge on the windshield and an actual GROOVE carved into the plastic shield in front of the sunroof. We still can’t explain it with any certainty, but our best guess is that some kind of plastic fishing line (or even fiber optic cable) was strung across the road and we hit it, it ripped over the car and then broke. But we couldn’t find ANY kind of line at all – no evidence – nothing left except that groove, and luckily, no other damage to the car. But… what… why… huh? Anyone else ever experience anything like this?

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