Although the little smash in the car (John avoiding a cat and tapping a guardrail) was fixed up nicely, the ventilation fan was still making loud noises and John detected a distinctly non-lovely odor coming out of them. This morning, we took the car back to the shop where they said they’d look into it. Turns out there was definitely a dead mouse in there – the guys at the shop even saved it for us so we could see it – LOL. But the great thing? Since it only took about 20 minutes or so for the whole operation, they didn’t charge us for it at all. (And we ALREADY liked this place. *grin*) And the fan went back to working perfectly and now we can run the A/C again with the windows rolled up – heh heh.

Having the a/c back is so necessary here. When we were walking the short ways back to the shop after breakfast out (to give them time to work on it), it was only about 10 a.m. and the sun was just searing into my brain. (John had on his Brookings-Harbor Oregon hat so he was okay.) I had to stop in the shade every so often just so I could open my eyes a little and relax. I know I have another life where I died in the desert – I don’t even like long flat sandy beaches, unless there are a lot of trees nearby – gets kinda freaky. Must… have… shade!

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