Watching a “morph” is impossible in the usual way. The eyes always want to land on something, and when something’s morphing to something else, there’s nothing for the eyes to anchor to for more than a split second. You have to “open” your vision and focus on the flow of energy instead of the usual hard images. For instance, in the movie Willow when the old sorceress morphed through all of those shapes until she finally became human again – all the images are “inbetween”. In thinking about this idea, I was thinking about the idea of instant manifestations. Most of the time when we call something an instant manifestation it wasn’t there, and in the next moment it was – we don’t usually notice the “inbetween” or the energy of something coming into form. Is it because we’ve not trained ourselves to look for this energy, which seems to be the same “morphing” energy, at least in concept? What kind of new experiences would this kind of visual/conceptual perspective shift allow? Do we not see magic because it too requires a shift in the way we usually look at things? That last question is both literal and metaphorical. *grin*

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