From this article:California suffered its second consecutive day of statewide blackouts on Tuesday as consumers turned up their power-hungry air conditioners amid scorching temperatures, ignoring pleas for conservation, while officials warned of more of the same on Wednesday. Egad – it sounds so sinister! What gaul! What selfishness! What ignorant yokel ye “consumers” be! I’m not outraged by this writing, despite my remarks. I’m rolling my eyes because of how this news article tries to make it sound so wham bang and DANGEROUS et al. heh heh.

It was hot, people turned on their air conditioners. As a result, CA pulled rolling blackouts. That’s it. We were hit a little after 4 (apparently, we’re in a block with San Fransisco or something, which makes perfect sense, since we live like 2.5 HOURS away?), but that just meant our fan stopped and we couldn’t use the computer… so we got out the battery operated fan John used to use at his job on Wall Street and read books for a bit. Now, granted, there were some OTHER disruptions in the article, like a woman being trapped in an elevator, a dental patient having to be sent home in the middle of a treatment, and gas pumps just shutting off… if PG&E stuck to a strict hourly schedule, it might be easier to avoid being in the middle of something at the top of the hour, just in case. But anyway… it’s going to be warm again today, and we’re going into town to do some laundry… we’ll see if we get interrupted in the middle of the rinse cycle. *grin* Hell, the power goes out here in the sticks a lot ANYWAY – no biggie!

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