The problem as *I* see it (tom rant, ‘Reesa rant) is that Chris Carter doesn’t know HOW to tie anything together or up. He’s gone in so many different directions, with so many different KINDS of explanations about what happens with Mulder and Scully et al, that he’s just completely scattered. Is there anything he could do with Scully giving birth that could MAKE us care anymore? Alien baby? She loses another baby? It gets taken again and we’re back to square one? It’s normal and then what? At least there was a LITTLE surprise with last night’s episode in that (spoiler alert) the creature wasn’t just a new genetic breed, but the scientist himself changing into it. BUT… there’s no sense of POSSIBILITY anymore. Carter’s also done too good of a job of shutting it down from the inside using Kirsch’s (spelling? pardon) character. Now, if they had a director in place that encouraged X-Files cases… but maybe that would no longer fuel Chris Carter’s seeming need to feel like he’s (through his characters) are always just barely hanging on.

And while we’re at it, let’s mention the Lone Gunman. They were GOOD characters. Why all the slapstick? Why do they care about bear poachers in Russia? I thought their motivation was government conspiracies but only the first episode with Beyers (again, sp? pardon) father had any hint of it. They didn’t seem so bumbling in the X-Files. I am starting to think that people just don’t know how to write geeks as PEOPLE – what to DO with them. Take Malcolm in the Middle too, while we’re going there. *grin* Pretty good show. But none of the plots ever play with the idea of Malcolm being some kind of genius at all. Genius doesn’t just mean Krell (sp?) boy crap and being beaten up for being smart.

Okay – I’m going to take a deep breath now. Thanks for inadvertently encouraging me to rant with y’all. 😉

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