I surf the web in the Opera browser, and sometimes in Netscape, but mostly Opera. Somewhere on our computer is a messed up DLL file that prevents us from running Explorer. The thing is, Opera is fast, and, with our mostly icky dialup connection, it’s even faster because I can easily toggle between downloading the images on a page and NOT downloading the images. And we have the Flash and Shockwave plug-ins. I mention all of this because it really pisses me off when sites automatically check to see if you are using NS or IE and then when you aren’t, say that you need one of them and the flash plugin to view their site. I have them (well, NS) – I’m just not using them. And you CAN use Opera on these sites. But their automatic checking system says you can’t. And that’s when I leave their site and don’t give it a backward glance.

Wasn’t that a great story?

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