I’ve spent the day talking to the insurance company, and putting together the next eight or so articles for the Conscious Creation Journal (they’re not up yet – still waiting some input from authors). And yesterday was spent getting the domain working on the new server. I haven’t been participating at all on email lists lately, even our own. I feel like there’s all of this energy moving and I just have to pay close attention as it goes by and do what’s in front of me.

I think the biggest thing with the insurance company (small auto breakage, nothing major) is that it was SO simple before (with the “civic” meets “cow” incident) and the process seems to have gotten really clunky now. And that the guy who’s handling our claim seems to know HIS job okay, but can’t seem to be able to listen well and communicate with US about what questions WE have. When we said that his first suggestion for their auto-place was too far away he just said then find a local one. We told him we’d dealt with a great place up in San Jose, but I never really did find out whether or not they’re still doing business with them or not. The insurance guy seems to have “shuffling us on out as quickly as possible” as being his job that he doesn’t take care of us as people with questions that he doesn’t have or might not even think of. And I really hate it when people get off the phone with you before you can even say, “Oh, wait…” That’s just NOT good customer service. Trouble is, our insurance company is usually very good – it’s just this ONE guy we’re dealing with. Luckily, my sister happens to work for this same company *grin* (different location though) so she’s also checking into it for us.

This is getting long, but it seems important. It’s like this – you can tell when some situation doesn’t feel ‘harmonious’ – there are pieces that haven’t been considered or checked out – and their job should be to be our company liaisons – THAT should be their priority. I can tell when *I* am not considered a company representative’s priority, and that’s unacceptable.

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