The image to the left is a section of the mural painted in the foyer of my friend Patsy’s house, that I visited while I was in Seattle. (all rights reserved, etc. – painted by her neighbor and friend Terry, dang if I can remember his last name!) The whole thing is really beautiful and has a lot of metaphysical meanings tied into each part. I couldn’t really get a good photo of each wall, so I just took shots of a few parts – this piece came out the best. In the back, people are naked and as they come into the shot, they are clothed – it’s supposed to represent (if I can remember this correctly) the technological and idea revolution, consciousness and freedom… The interesting thing is that you don’t expect this kind of mural in the walls of a ‘normalish’ house in the suburbs of Kent, WA – it’s like finding a creamy center in a cupcake you thought was just solid cake. *grin*

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