Went out to dinner with Tara and her S.O., and then we stopped by this beach area in Northern Seattle where people are allowed to build large fires in the concrete basins. We walked over to one that was a little low and found some paper trash to toss on top of the embers, and then some small chunks of wood too. In the basin next to us, a group of guys were burning wooden pallets – had a stack of at least 6 left, and they already had a major bonfire burning. Of course, they burned rather fast, but it was an amazingly big fire – very cool. It crackled and tons of sparks flew up out of the ends of the flames like space ships scattering from a dying planet. *grin* I took the whole “speaking of fire…” opportunity to tell Tara and David some of my more amusing “burn barrel” adventure stories – sorta made me feel like a rube, but they were still funny stories. 🙂

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